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As the leading compounder in the area of rigid and flexible PVC granulates, our top priority are the objectives of our customers and finding the most efficient path to achieving them: You shall receive the best possible solution for your processes and applications.

The „right PVC blend“ is one of many factors in production. For us that means not only keeping an eye on your machinery and the manufactured product, but also taking a holistic look at your processes and requirements. For we are always aware that - even with PVC being only one factor among many - quite often a lot depends on the right material.

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LCPVC employees support companies all over the world helping them in optimising the handling process in the PVC manufacturing and processing segment.
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                                                                                 PVC compounds for all Applications

  Our standard compound assortment is extensive and available for a wide variety of requirements and applications. Our real   strength however lies in being able to tailor make compounds to our customers’ exact requirements. Flexibility and quality is our   goal. This means that most of the major users of PVC compounds are our customers. Sourcing of raw materials, development of   processes and products are all done with the impact on the environment foremost on our minds.