Rigid PVC Compound

Extrusion grade transparent PVC pellet for price tag compounds plastic We are a professional PVC Granules and PVC Profiles manufacturer for more than 20 years,
with quality above RoHS, GB/T8814-2004,ISO, we have successfully built our Brands of“Longcheng”, and now our products are highly reputed both at home and abroad, sincerely hope we could build business together!

PVC pellet mainly are suitable to all kinds of rigid PVC extruding process, mainly used for making extruded electrical packing with anti-static electricity request, the product has extremely good glossy surface and outstanding anti-static electricity value. Comply with ROHS, REACH, and DEHP free.

Our pvc pellet are formulated and manufactured in the most modern machine available in the Industry.These PVC compound are applicable for extrusion and blowing molding process of packing container, used for making container bottle with 500~1000ml, cosmetics packing container bottle. The products have good glossy surface, and high impact properties.

PVC pellet are applicable for PVC calcium-plastic board, co-extrusion or surface coated on profiles, mainly used in hollow wall board/floor board, foaming board or profile’s connection or strengthening function.

LCPVC Plastics offers high flow injection molding compounds designed for easy processing in a variety of applications. NSF® 14/61 approved and highly impact resistant, these pellet are available in weatherable and non-weatherable formulations for pipe fittings, fence caps, valves, electrical applications, drainage, and pool or spa components. They come in pellet form with a wide range of color options. We can also create custom injection molding compounds for more specific applications targeted for agriculture or appliance industries.

LCPVC Plastics offers NSF® 14/61 approved high flow injection molding compounds, making them ideal for valves and fittings used in pool & spa applications. Easy to process, these compounds are highly impact resistant and available in weatherable and non-weatherable formulations. Our injection molding compounds come in pellet form with a wide range of color options.

LCPVC manufactures rigid PVC molding and extrusion pellet that offer outstanding processability, including excellent flow and good thermal stability. These handling characteristics, combined with outstanding end-product performance, make rigid PVC ideal for applications, including housing and construction materials, business equipment and appliance components, electrical parts, pipe fittings and more.


From powders to pellets, Longcheng rigid PVC extrusion pellet offer customers easy processing combined with good strength, weatherability, chemical resistance and toughness. Markets for our rigid extrusion products include: window and door profiles, vinyl siding, point-of-purchase displays, electrical conduit and deck/fence profiles

Blow Molding


LCPVC manufactures a full line of PVC blow molding pellet in general purpose and food grades as well as specialty formulations for applications requiring high-impact strength and chemical resistance. Bottles molded from LCPVC pellet are widely used for packaging toiletries and cosmetics, automotive waxes, water, and liquid hand soaps.


Injection Molding


Rigid injection molding pellet from LCPVC are formulated to provide processors with a combination of flow, heat stability, color hold and surface appearance.  The materials are also inherently flame retardant and chemically resistant.  Typical applications for injection molded PVC parts include, but are not limited to: appliance components, housings for business machines and computers, electrical components, pipe fittings, and medical parts.



Important Aspects of Choosing PVC Pellets from Manufacturers

PVC products are widespread in these days. Pellets are created with various size and shapes. Lots of manufacturers are available for supplying PVC product, but we are providing the high quality of compounds. The pvc pellets are blended perfectly to deliver perfect material to the production process.  From us, you find different shapes of compounds which prevent shavings of plastic on production.  We are serving specialized in the industry.  However, we provide the extensive range of goods that approved as PVC compounds.  With the variety of production tools, our manufacturer develops the product with a simple process. Pellets are manufactured by using essential materials with expertise. 



Use Effective Methods:


Pellets are ensured to process production via convenient tools, unrestricted feeding and melt uniformly.  Our experts undergo selected pelletization process.  Methods are chosen to manufacture the product with the proper formulation. We are manufacturing various kinds of PVC compounds which assist a customer to process any requirements.  We are committed to serving best products to our customers. With the best formulation we supplying pellets to each and every customers.  Our aim is to deliver a quality of compounds to all consumers.  Over the formulation, we translate to offer effective and affordable cost to production process.  Our expert team is experienced and trained in the industry.



Buy Pellets at Cheaper Price:


You meet satisfaction in choosing product from us. We have great ability to offer satisfying products to clients.   You acquire flexible in selecting pellets from the suppliers. On the production, expertise process compound on a specific condition.  We assist to outcome difficulties. Pellets are operated on some machine. You get processing and technical experience h on choosing pallet. You find best result on picking pellets from us.  We help to save money on investing to buy the product. Our experts know possible methods to create pellets based on your needs. You choose it in any shape and colors from suppliers. With right cut pellets are manufactured by experts. If you are searching for pvc pellets, contact our experts to select perfect matched products from the huge collection.

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