LCPVC is constantly upgrading and adapting new technologies in order to maximize our customers processing performance.


LCPVC continues to upgrade and improve our production capabilities, compounds, and processes to ensure the products we deliver to our customers meet or exceed the industry standards and expectations.

Keeping up with the rapid changes in our industry, specifically related to environmental compliances, Lcpvc has a dedicated an isolated production line for our non-phthalate PVC compounds. Lcpvc is always upgrading processes and procedures to ensure we are compliant in all markets served.

For over a decade, Lcpvc has passed multiple tests and received the  ISO9001 Certification  in 1998. When ordering from Lcpvc customers know they are receiving the highest quality products in the industry.

LCPVC utilizes CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) equipment which ensures production quality control. Lcpvc delivers quality controlled products to their customers for consistent end results. We also enclose our statistical data from the production run, to confirm the material meets customers exact specifications.